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Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA

Pune is the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra, India. It is surrounded by the Western Ghats which house some of the oldest forts and which offer the most beautiful panoramic views of the hills. The city is known for its vibrant student population making for a lively nightlife and buzzing atmosphere. It also has a host of culturally rich experiences to offer through various art exhibitions, plays and restaurants.

How to Reach Pune

Pune is approximately 180kms from Mumbai (both the largest city in the state and the financial capital of the country). The shortest road connection between the two cities is the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and takes approximately 3 hours. On the various modes of travel available, please refer to the following link for more information:

Pune map

Google Map showing location of ILS Law College

Conference participants, who wish to travel by road from Mumbai to Pune, may contact:

Mr. Abhijeet
Equation Times
Phone: +919730524710
Email: before 25 January 2012.

Airport Pick up: Mt Abhijeet’s taxi service is available from Mumbai Airport to your hotel in Pune. Please include your flight details when emailing and please specify whether you are arriving at the international or domestic terminal. A fee of INR 2000 per taxi, including one hour waiting time will be charged. Additional waiting time is charged at INR 100 per hour. A maximum of 3 passengers per taxi is permitted. The driver will meet you at the airport holding a sign with your name on it. Please note the drive from Mumbai Airport to Pune is approximately 3 hours.

If you require a return taxi service from Pune to Mumbai after the conference – please contact Mr Abhijeet for bookings and prices. If you require a taxi from Pune Airport to your hotel, there is a prepaid taxi service available at the airport for approx INR 400. Please note that the rate is multiplied by 1.5 (approx INR 600) if you require this service between 11pm and 6am.

How to Reach ILS Law College

There will be a taxi-service on call to take you from your hotel to the college campus at your own cost. The distances from the hotels suggested to the campus are not more than 8kms which should take around 20-30 minutes of travel with city traffic.

Map of Pune and ILS Law College (hyperlink to Pune map).

Further information can be found on the accommodation page.

Wings Radio Cab – +91 20 40100100

05 Jan 2016


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INSTRUCTIONS: Please read the following instructions and terms before completing the registration form.

Online Registration Form. An online registration form must be completed and submitted along with payment of registration fees. Please use one form per person. Presenters, please prepare a bio in advance of 150 words and have your 300 word abstract ready before you fill in the registration form, as you will be asked to include both in the relevant sections of the registration form. Abstracts over 300 words will not be accepted on the online registration form. International presenters AND participants, please have your passport details ready (eg, number, date and place of issue, expiry and nationality of passport holder) as this is also required on the registration form. If you have problems registering online, please contact the conference organizers at with “Registration Problem” in the subject heading of your email. For all other inquiries please email

Payment Information: International Presenters/Participants: Payment can only be made online. Please pay online first before completing the registration form as the receipt/transaction number is required on the registration form. Registration forms without a payment receipt number will not be processed. International registration fees are $200 USD (Standard) and $100 USD for students (full time only – includes post graduates) and all payments must be made in US dollars only. Registration forms must be accompanied by full payment in order to be processed. Please note registrations will only be complete when you receive a confirmation email. Please allow up to 5 business days for a confirmation email.

Payment Information: Indian Presenters/Participants: Please have ready a Demand Draft before completing the registration form as the DD number is required on the registration form. Registration forms without the DD number will not be processed. Registration fees for Indian presenters/participants are INR 1500 (Standard) and INR 750 for students (full time only – includes post graduates).The demand draft should be drawn in the name of “The Principal ILS Law College”, and sent by post to the Principal, ILS Law College, Pune 411004. Please write “ICFL 2012” on the envelope. All payments must be made in Indian Rupees. Confirmation for Indian participants: Please note registrations will only be complete when you receive a confirmation email. A confirmation email will be sent within 5 business days of the DD being received by ILS. Thus, whilst Indian participants may register online with their DD number, please note that a confirmation of your registration will be only be sent after the DD is received.

Registration Fees: Registration fees are non-refundable. Registration fees include attendance for all sessions of the conference, conference kit, lunches, morning & afternoon teas during the days of the conference and conference dinner. Registration does not include travel, airport pick up or drop off, accommodation and other individual expenses.

Airport Pick up: If you require a taxi service from Mumbai Airport to your hotel in Pune, please email Mr Abhijeet with your flight details at before 25 January 2012. Please specify whether you are arriving at the international or domestic terminal. A fee of INR 2000 per taxi, including one hour waiting time will be charged. Additional waiting time is charged at INR 100 per hour. A maximum of 3 passengers per taxi is permitted. The driver will meet you at the airport with a sign with your name. Please note the drive from Mumbai Airport to Pune is approximately 3 hours. If you require a return taxi service from Pune to Mumbai after the conference – please contact Mr Abhijeet for bookings and prices.

If you require a taxi from Pune Airport to your hotel, there is a prepaid taxi service available at the airport for approx INR 400. Please note that the rate is multiplied by 1.5 (approx INR 600) if you require this service between 11pm and 6am.
For further transport/airport pick up information, please refer to

International Presenters:Presenters from countries other than India may make the payment (online using credit card) by clicking the “Buy Now” button below. When you complete the payment successfully, you will be redirected to the online registration form. If you are not directed to the online registration form please click here.
Select Standard or Student before clicking “BUY NOW” button below

PayPal — The safer, easier way to pay online.
Indian Presenters: Presenters from India who have made the payment by Demand Draft may register using the online form by clicking here.

05 Jan 2016

International Conference on Feminism and the Law


The ILS Law College, Pune, India is pleased to host the inaugural International Conference on Feminism and the Law: Revisiting the Past, Rethinking the Present and Thinking the Way Forward from February 10-12, 2012.

The Conference is being held in honour of Professor S.P Sathe, former Principal of the ILS Law College, Pune whose contribution to public law is recognized nationally and internationally.

The Conference is proudly supported by the Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales and the Faculty of Law, University of Technology, Sydney Australia and aims to bring together academics, lawyers, researchers, students and activists from around the world to explore how women’s experiences have been structured, impacted, controlled, or ignored by law; the challenges posed by globalization, growing militarization and fundamentalism to the law and legal structures, and the possibilities and limits of realizing women’s rights through the law.

The conference will be held over three days at ILS Law College and will explore the following themes:

Feminist Litigation Women & Sexuality
Feminization of Poverty Women & Trafficking
Teaching Gender Women & Work
Gender & Violence Women & Militarization
Women & the Environment Women & Discrimination
Women & Globalization Women & Public Policy
Women & Reproductive Rights/Health
The response to the call for abstracts has been overwhelmingly positive with over 500 abstracts received from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, North America, Africa and Latin America. The provisional program will be posted online on 30 October 2011 for what promises to be a diverse, stimulating and engaging event.

05 Jan 2016

Knowledgeable Wrongful Death Lawyers


A great find legal help online lawyer not just comes with an amazing negotiation report, but also offers a remarkable record for finding decisions within the courtroom. In a nutshell, an established trial lawyer increases the worthiness of the case of an individual’s. For even to discover the settlement price of one’s situation or more information about your specific requirements, please contact knowledgeable lawyers and they’ll be pleased to consult with you. The remaining members of the household are owed monetary payment from the opposition because of her or his position within the death. The authority of each state holds itself with unique guidelines put on “wrongful death statutes.” All states keep some type of state open to surviving family members. To record a state the death should have been due, in or completely part, towards the defendant’s irresponsible conduct.

14 Jun 2016

Quantity of Wrongful Death Settlement

conversation with a therapist

conversation with a therapist

This may occur, in the event of the business that intentionally introduced hazardous substances in to a group’s water supply, for example. The organization might be responsible for the deficits consequently of this death if it may be confirmed the substances caused a death. The deceased’s age can also be considered in identifying the quantity of the settlement. Somebody who was likely to offer a household to get an amount of years may leave behind a larger economic damage when compared to an elderly person or a child. Keep in mind this is just a monetary concern, no emotional one. Wrongful death situations could not be simple, and insurance providers struggle difficult to avoid spending excessive a total within the settlement. To ensure that a plaintiff, divorce attorney houston is generally required because of this to acquire optimum settlement. It’s within the greatest interest of the attorney to discuss as big a sum as you can since the lawyer will require a portion of the settlement as payment. The lawyer isn’t taken care of the job presented if no negotiation is acquired.

14 Jun 2016

Appropriate DWI Defense Guidance

It’s of the substance the prospect is effective in providing legal representation to ensure the federal government regulations and resident rights are withholding when creating the option of the attorney to complete business. Getting charged to get a DUI offense puts people in a hard place; thus, obtaining appropriate guidance raises an individual’s opportunity to obtain effective benefits. Often, the appropriate adviser selected has limited expertise to help customers extremely; thus, investing the full time required to handle analysis on all the experts to find out effectiveness can be an all important requirement. The cost can be an important component, but a person must contain additional important elements to ensure satisfaction. It’s useful to get a DUI arrest seeking a lawyer to feel obliged to locate a corn law services website DUI lawyer; however, investing the full time for research is essential.

25 May 2016

Funds for Potential DWI Defense Guidance

You’ll certainly get John L Corn attorney fees and court fees; you’ll probably require cash to cover ties to have from prison, funds for potential guidance, alcohol treatment and separate alcohol concentration screening. If you should be charged, you’ve to pay for costs for almost any court-ordered courses you’re necessary to take. You may even result in adding an ignition lock in your car. As well, New Hampshire is among not many states that doesn’t need all its people to transport car insurance; you’ll be asked to take insurance for atleast 3 years to get a first offense if you should be convicted of the DUI. That insurance is going to be very costly having a DUI in your report. It’s absolutely crucial when you’re planned to do this that you simply come in court.

25 May 2016

Large Legal Services Deficits


By performing any such thing this the same as starting your personal business and managing there’s a larger possibility as possible earn money. What usually occurs is without doing enough research the fact that people link up within their plan. Thus they therefore named the Delvuk law fraud that will be certainly false and wind up making losses which lead them to get large deficits. You can find many those who have stated that they began with just spending less than $25 monthly but end up getting possibly getting a company that’s been essential within their life or producing good income. Time is essential when buying Texas DUI lawyer, when you have been already charged with this particular cost, it’s essential that you contact appropriate representation immediately.

19 May 2016

Legal Services Restrictions


In comparison, small company lawyers are usually accountable for much more possible and smaller workloads when comparing to their larger competitors. Since they’re ready to manage their case-loads, they are able to commit mature and the full time -level interest your Megan Cohen website legal issues need. Generally, little lawyers have a small number of support staff along with lower expense. They’re not over-burdened from the costs related to keeping many full time workers, plus they may run for much less than larger companies. This savings could be handed down for their customers within the type of competitive hourly rates. In the current economy, many companies (big and small) are coping with budget cuts and spending restrictions in a single way or another.

18 May 2016

Unintended Legal Services Errors


Even worse, an unpracticed litigant, despite the aid of a lawyer, will frequently inadvertently make mistakes. The attorney then spends substantial customer resources attempting to resolve the unintended errors. Worst of, the mistakes from incomplete representation occasionally result in devastating judge results an attorney just cannot repair following the truth. The impending launch of the James Sexton website Services Work provides new problems for high-street companies because it allows businesses apart from lawyers to supply legal services under what’s called An Alternate Business Structure (ABS). Which means that people may visit an ABS for conveyancing, such as for example, wills, probate and different legal services. Already organizations including Co-op Tale, the AA and are becoming ABSs in-direct competition using the conventional high-street solicitors practice.

17 May 2016

Basic Ideas of Legal Services


The company’s activities ought to be altered to reveal its values effectively if it’s. When the expertise isn’t at odds using the ideals of the firm, the firm’s motion might merely reflect an unknown price. Whenever a level of contact is consistent with the basic ideas of the James Sexton company but elicits an adverse support experience, the process would be to easily know what went wrong. Comes with an activity or communication been overlooked? Can the company eliminate the customer’s expertise to help make the encounter a far more good one as well as a barrier between its basic support ideals? Frequently, what’s lacking is just a price that’s possibly hidden from view or not able to be indicated. The area of contact isn’t independent in the firm while youare without doubt just starting to view –it’s the firm.

14 May 2016

Legal Services Combined Asset


Specific Weaver legal information on any routine will be different from pair to pair which is these facts that’ll have to be decided and signed-off having an unique action referred to as a “contrat de union” or marriage contract. This should be closed prior to the relationship as well as in front of the French notaire. Under this routine, all of the assets held by each spouse prior to the relationship will stay their own home following the relationship is likely to be treated as joint assets and any assets purchased. Any revenue received any debts incurred and by one partner, following the relationship, is treated as combined income are treated as joint debts. If your home is obtained following the marriage, it’s also addressed like a combined asset until the partner buying it may show he or she purchased using resources owned by them individually, before the marriage, or until the purchase is backed from the purchase of the private property.

03 May 2016

Free Legal Consultation Advisor


The guidelines will even have limitations about the maximum legal expenses they’re ready to address, plus some guidelines set a mimimum quantity under challenge prior to the plan may be used. You’ll also discover that the address may seldom be operative before you have kept the insurance plan to get a minimum time, frequently longer, and at least 6 months. The insurance provider doesn’t have to enforce a specific legal advisor upon you; you’re liberated to choose your personal. It’s possible to take advantage of each laid assurance and juridictionnelle de protection juridique towards the extent the insurance plan doesn’t protect all of your needs. French Steve Whitworth free consultation Centres Throughout France there’s a community of legal counsel centres, situated in each one of the main cities.

15 Apr 2016